Breaking The Silence Down

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Breaking The Silence Down

For those who have recently expressed an interest here is the ONA version of the novel Breaking The Silence Down. This is the 119yf edition which was corrected by Anton Long and which includes the minor ‘occult’ additions added by “an unknown hand” – rumored to be Sister Morgan of the Shropshire-based Dark Daughters of Chaos nexion {1} – around 1990 ev {2}. This edition compliments – and is not replaced by – the “restored” version {3}.

In our opinion, the additions make it a much better novel than the original.



{1} Sister Morgan is the authoress of the 2009 ONA text Sapphic Sorcery – In Praise of The Feminine. Falciferian rumor has it that the Dark Daughters of Chaos nexion was founded in the 1980s at the behest of Anton Long himself and involved his first – later divorced – wife and her young lover, the Rachael of the story ‘Breaking The Silence Down’.

{2} As stated in v1.03 of the 1990s ONA text Notes on Esoteric Calenders:

{begin quote}

Over the decades, the Order of Nine Angles has used a variety of means of dating their MSS. The following are among the abbreviations which are/have been used, placed after the numerical date. With the exception of JD and YF, the numerical date given is the year according to the common Gregorian calender. Thus, 1991 e.v. is equivalent to 1991 e.n. which is equivalent to 1991 CE and 102 YF.

It should be noted that, according to aural tradition, the ‘ONA year’ does not begin on January 1st, nor on December 21st, but rather – for those in northern climes such as England – at the beginning of the ‘alchemical season’ marked by the first rising of Arcturus in the night sky, which is, according to Nature’s calender in such climes, in the season known as Autumn.

e.v. – era vulgaris. On old term, often used in traditional ONA nexions, and by some other esoteric groups.

The term era vulgaris came into English use centuries ago following the publication, in 1655 CE, of an English translation of a book by Johannes Kepler.

e.n. – era nazrani. On old term – often used in traditional ONA nexions – implying the Era of the Nazarenes.

YF (yf) – Year of Fire / Year of Fayen / Year of The Fuhrer

Note that each of these has a different meaning. For instance, Year of Fayen refers to the ethos of the New Aeon, where restrictive patriarchal/magian-inspired forms of living (such as nations and States, and the way of Homo Hubris) are replaced by the new ways based upon the clans and tribes of Homo Galacticus for whom the only law is that of personal honour.

Year of The Fuhrer is predominantly used by Reichsfolk-inspired groups (esoteric and otherwise) but also by some other esoteric groups/nexions/clans in heretical defiance of the magian status quo.

CE – Common (or Current) Era. English version of e.n.

{end quote}

{3} The “restored” version by Mr Parker is available at

Learning From Practical Experience

Order of Nine Angles


All the many self-described satanists who are critical of the Order of Nine Angles seem to have forgotten, or never known, or have ignored (for whatever reason) what the ONA have been saying for over thirty years. As Anton Long noted decades ago:

“Each individual must learn for themselves – this is the crux. No one can do it for them. The essence, born via experiences, cannot even be taught – it must be experienced.” {1}

This learning has been emphasized again and again, including recently:

“The term pathei-mathos (πάθει μάθος) expresses the essence of the esoteric ethos of the Order of Nine Angles: the personal learning, by individuals, that often results from consciously undertaking practical exeatic experiences conventionally described as both ‘numinous’ and ‘sinister’.” {2}

“The essence [of O9A esoteric philosophy] is a consciously undertaken pathei-mathos, and thus the personal learning, by individuals – with the consequent internal (‘alchemical’) change in (and evolution of) the physis (φύσις) of the individual – that can result from consciously undertaking both esoteric and practical exeatic experiences conventionally described as both ‘numinous’ and ‘sinister’. Thus, abstractions (which impute an illusive/pretentious ‘knowing’) are replaced by a direct and personal understanding sans denotatum.” {3}

In addition,

“Satanism does not involve discussions, meetings, talks. Rather, it involves action, deeds. Words – written or spoken – sometimes follow, but not necessarily […] The essence that Satanism leads the individual towards, via action, is only ever revealed by that participation which action is. Words, whether written or spoken, can never describe that essence – they can only hint at it, point toward it, and often serve to obscure the essence. Satanism strips away the appearance of ‘things’ – living, Occult and otherwise, by this insistence on experience, unaided. What is thus apprehended by such experience, is unique to each individual and thus is creative and evolutionary. Discussions, meetings, talks, even books and such like, de-vitalize: they are excuses for not acting.”  {4} .

For such learning “leads the individual toward wisdom and the development of their own weltanschauung,” {5} which is a restatement of what Anton Long wrote in a 1980s text:

“An Adept is an individual who has undertaken an Occult quest and who has, as a result of that quest, the following abilities/attributes:
a) a real understanding of esoteric, Occult matters, and a deep esoteric knowledge/insight;
b) esoteric skills – chief of which is empathy: with both natural and ‘Occult’ forces (energies). An important aspect of this empathy (an intuitive understanding of things as those things are in their essence) is with living beings and that species mis-named Homo Sapiens;
c) a unique character – formed via experience;
d) a unique ‘philosophy of life attained via self-discovery and self experience – by finding answers unaided.” {6}

Over twenty years later Anton Long said the same thing:

“What matters is the individual developing, from their own years-long (mostly decades-long) practical experience, a personal weltanschauung: that is, discovering their own individual answers to certain questions concerning themselves, life, existence, the Occult, and the nature of Reality.” {7}

He also explicitly stated:

“I claim no authority, and my creations, profuse as they are, will in the end be accepted or rejected on the basis of whether they work. Satan forbid they should ever become ‘dogma’ or a matter of ‘faith’. I also expect to see them become transformed, by their own metamorphosis and that due to other individuals: changed, extended and probably ultimately transcended, may be even forgotten. They – like the individual I am at the moment – are only a stage, toward something else.” {8}

Thus all the talk by ONA critics of the Order of Nine Angles having become some sort of dogmatic ‘church’, with ‘Anton Long’ being revered, is bunk: the product of a lack of knowledge about the ONA and/or just silly anti-ONA propaganda.


{1} Letter to Ms Vera, dated 27th May 1992 eh. Published in Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown, Volume II, 1992
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{8} Letter to Michael Aquino, dated 20th October 1990 ev. Published in Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown, Volume I, 1992

Aquino: Quid Pro Quo

O9A Insight Role

O9A Insight Role

It really is rather hilarious – and an example of quid pro quo – that old accusations against Michael Aquino (he of Temple of Set fame) keep recurring, as in a recent [October 2016] mention in a mainstream UK newspaper of the 1987 ‘Presidio affair’ in which Aquino was accused of being part of some pedophile ring.

No doubt Aquino and his supporters will vehemently – and yet again, and perhaps correctly – protest his innocence. Meanwhile Aquino (as he has recently demonstrated) and many others will continue to hypocritically spread rumors about David Myatt and the Order of Nine Angles.

Would that Aquino, his supporters, and so many latter-day self-described satanists and O9A critics, had the pathei-mathos to admit that in respect of Myatt and the Order of Nine Angles they just do not have the necessary scholarly knowledge, the requisite information, to (i) make judgments, draw conclusions, and/or to (ii) publicly make rational, informed, statements, about either David Myatt or the O9A.

Were we to use their Homo Hubris methodology and thus ape their physis, we would assuredly claim that Aquino in respect of the ‘Presidio affair’ had a case to answer.

Who Is Anton Long?

Editorial Note: We reproduce here a controversial article first published in 2009 on the now defunct Order of Nine Angles blog. The article details an old rumor that Anton Long might be an academic and an old friend of Myatt’s from the 1970s. We have added footnotes and an appendix containing the short biographical essay mentioned in the article.

David Myatt

Who Is Anton Long?

Non-English Names And Terms In O9A Tradition

Order of Nine Angles


Non-English Names And Terms In O9A Tradition


Of the very many things that critics of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) get wrong, one is the use by the ONA of non-English names and terms, and they get it wrong year after year despite explanations in ONA texts from the 1990s up to the present time. Which points to a trait possessed by many critics of the Order of Nine Angles: commenting on and having opinions about matters which they do not have in-depth knowledge of most probably because they have failed to study all the relevant ONA texts and thus have little or no appreciation of ONA esotericism.

Thus in the matter of non-English names they are and have been critical of certain ONA chants or invokations in which the name Satanas occurs; critical of the use of the term opfer, and critical, among other things, of the use of certain Ancient Greek and Latin terms or phrases. For example, a critic wrote that satanas should, in some chants, be ‘satana’ while ‘opfer’ in the plural should not be ‘opfers’ but conjugated (opfern) with opfern used when the sense is “to sacrifice”. Another complained of usage of the Latin name Vindex for a female warrior because Vindex was a masculine name; another of how the ONA use the term ἄνοδος, and how ‘agios’ in some chants should be ‘agioi’. And so on.

But what all these critics and others seem to have ignored is (i) that such non-English terms, names, and phrases as the ONA use are Anglicized and thus do not follow the grammatical usage of their original language, and (ii) as with terms such nexion, psyche, and archetype, the ONA assigns to them an esoteric meaning {1}.

To give one example, the esoteric meaning behind the ONA use of the name Satanas is that when chanted in a particular manner – as in ONA Esoteric Chant {2} – it can ‘presence’ an acausal entity, which ‘immortal’ entity because it is shapeshifter in the realm of the causal can appear, in human terms, as either male or female and possibly also as ἀρρενόθηλυς: a deity, a demon, or a daimon, who is both male and female, both archetypal Anima and archetypal Animus, and/or both incubus and succubus.

Hence, for the ONA the name ‘Satanas’ does not necessarily refer to a male ‘sinister’ deity or being – the Satan of LXX, for example – but rather it names, re-presents, a particular type of acausal energy (a type of acausal being) that/who can be and has been presenced, via a nexion or nexions, in our causal, temporal, world, with such a type of being not necessarily bound by our human biological division into ‘male’ and ‘female’, and yet who has also been manifest as the ‘Satan’ of myth and legend.

In a similar way, the name Vindex is used to refer to the person, male or female, who brings-into-being in a practical way ‘the law of the new aeon’ which is the law of kindred-honor, who is thus an exoteric nexion for certain acausal energies, and an exoteric nexion because neither Vindex nor his/her followers outwardly identify either with ‘the satanic’ or with the ONA.



{1} Batin – باطن – as opposed to the usual exoteric (Zahr) meaning. It is interesting to speculate that the inspiration for the use by ‘Anton Long’ of the terms esoteric and exoteric might have been Islamic mysticism, given that he mentioned travels in the Middle East in 1971 when he came across the Arabic MS Kitab al-Aflak (Book of the Spheres) which should not be confused with a book with a similar name – Kitab Ta’dil hayʾat al‐aflak – written by Sadr al-Sharia al‐Thani around 1346 or 1347 CE.

{2} An example would be cantors chanting – ‘vox principalis’ and ‘vox organalis’ a fourth apart – a chant such as Suscipe, Satanas, munus quad tibi offerimus memoriam recolentes Vindex during a ceremonial ritual of sacrifice.


ONA Sources:

° ONA Esoteric Notes XLV
° Some Notes Concerning Language, Chants, and Acausal Entities, included in Concerning Esoteric and Exoteric Languages.
° Originality, Tradition, And The Order of Nine Angles.
° Chapters X and XI of Naos.
° The Ceremony of Recalling in The Grimoire of Baphomet.


Some Sense At Last?

Order of Nine Angles


Editorial Note: The following interesting quote is from a recent (October 2016) posting on a ‘satanist’ internet forum and is by someone who, judged by many of his previous posts, does actually have practical experience related to satanism. While we do not agree with all of the comments in the post, it does provide a refreshing change to the usual paranoid fantasies such as “A Myatt sockpuppet wrote this… A Myatt sockpuppet wrote that…Myatt is behind all ONA blogs everywhere and spends all his time on the internet using his sockpuppets to attack anyone anywhere who criticizes his ONA polemics…”

{Begin quote}
There has always been one thing which bothered me when it concerns ONA… which is the centralized “leadership”.

Sure there are various, self-proclaimed nexions which might invoke the blessing of the so-called OG (whenever it floats their boat/suits their whims).

The same names popping up everywhere whereas you’d expect they would move on with the times…. especially when considering Myatt’s lifestyle of having jumped on various boats (NS, Extremist Islam,…). It is hard to believe he remained stuck for 20+ years in the same mindset. It simply is illogical he hasn’t moved on and still decides to associate with low-lifers that make up a good part of the (e-)crowd […]

I’m of the opinion he isn’t behind the various pennames.. the guy is, all in all, 67 years old. Although old farts can be quite set in their ways, it is pretty doubtful he is taking the pleasure and time to uphold and create false accounts whilst writing away profusely about a few individuals (addressed indirectly) on an online board which he doesn’t like or whom gave negative critique to some of his ball swingers.

It’s more credible there’s a few people “using” the suggestion of his name in order to further their tardiness.

Leave him on his rusty bike in the Scottish highlands. The guy is burned-out and reached the same state our old friend Osama Bin Laden attained. That of a “leader” who only serves the purpose of attention and formality. A mere symbol without any actual power over the thing he might have started. The worst about that kind of situation is the fact he might not even be aware of it himself. A mere meme used by kiddies wanting to make a name and attempting to give their quesadillas (and other farts) some credibility.

{End quote}


Toying With Modern Satanists, Part Two


Toying With Self-Described Modern Satanists
Part Two: A Most Amusing And Expected Response

In a most amusing response to Part One of this polemical series, some anonymous person on some anonymously financed self-described ‘satanist’ internet forum wrote:

{quote} I [some anonymous person] do agree with [some other anonymous person] on this one… engaging with the forum directly would definitely look a lot less goofy and pompous than replying to us indirectly in third-person blogs. {/quote}

Which silly argument involves the major premise that Myatt=Long so that the assumption seems to be that Myatt himself should post under his own name on some anonymously financed self-described ‘satanist’ internet forum. Which would of course involve Myatt in “coming-out” both as Anton Long and as a satanist.

What planet are such people on? Especially given that their argument is fundamentally flawed because Myatt may not, after all, be Anton Long given that the person behind ‘Anton Long’ might hypothetically be some academic with a professional reputation and a career which would obviously be ruined were he/she to post under their real name on some anonymously financed self-described ‘satanist’ internet forum. So, do some anonymous persons really expect some professional person to ruin their life just to satisfy the morbid/mundane curiosity, and/or allay the silly suspicions of some anonymous persons who post stuff on the internet? Get real.

In addition, such anonymous persons posting on some anonymously financed self-described ‘satanist’ internet forum never comment on – or for propaganda reasons chose to ignore – facts such as those given in Part One of our series Toying With Self-Described Modern Satanists.

Facts such as that the ONA manual of style was publicly mentioned last month (well before their silly October posts) in the comments section of a non-O9A blog, and that the intention of having self-described ‘satanists’ jump to certain conclusions regarding style was mentioned – and documented – in the 1990s, in other O9A MSS, and in 2010, as the links in Part One of our series Toying With Self-Described Modern Satanists prove. Thus their claim that our mention of an in-house ONA style is “right on clue” – a response to their silly October 2016 allegations – is not only hilarious but proof of just how they are blinded by their own prejudices and/or by their silly assumptions regarding both the Order of Nine Angles and ‘Anton Long’.